Re: force POST requests to be cached?

From: Karl Schaffarczyk <>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 15:15:53 +1000

At 10:09 PM 10/7/98, Perrin Harkins wrote:
>>Perrin Harkins wrote:
>>> I am using squid as an accelerator, and just want EVERYTHING to be
>>> cached.
>>Then dont use POST when you don't need to.
>Unfortunately, I need to. The amount of being submitted is too large for a
>GET request.
>>We have chosed not
>>to spend time on supporting caching of POST replies since we could not
>>find a good definition on when and how to cache POST replies, and the
>>estimated number of cacheable POST replies are close to zero.
>I'm using it under special circumstances. All of my POST requests are
>cacheable. But, if squid doesn't implement this I will look elsewhere or
>try to build it myself. Thanks for the information and keep up the good
>- Perrin

would a feasible solution be to make a local copy of the page, and place it
on a local webserver, and setup a redirector to access the local page when
an attempt to access to remote page is made?

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