Re: Private and public key

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 11:11:42 -0600

Kriengsak Kiatsirivatana writes:

>Dear Mr. Wessels,
>What is the meaning of private key and public key. What are the
>differences between them.

keys refers to the database keys which Squid uses to index cache
objects. Every object in the cache--whether saved on disk or currently
being downloaded--has a cache key. For Squid-1.0 and Squid-1.1 the
cache key was basically the URL. Squid-2 uses MD5 checksums for cache

The Squid cache uses the notions of private and public cache keys. An
object can start out as being private, but may later be changed public
status. Private objects are associated with only a single client
whereas a public object may be sent to multiple clients at the same
time. In other words, public objects can be located by any cache
client. Private keys can only be located by a single client--the one
who requested it.

Objects are changed from private to public after all of the HTTP reply
headers have been received and parsed. In some cases, the reply headers
will inidcate the object should not be made public. For example, if the
no-cache Cache-Control directive is used.

Duane W.
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