AS routing

From: Lars Marowsky-Brée <>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 20:30:58 +0200


I am currently setting up squid 2. I am not yet sure if I am to go with async
IO or not (on a fully updated Red Hat 5.1 system), but otherwise it looks

2 Questions:

- How do you actually use the AS routing squid can do? Basically, we have at
  least 2 uplinks. How do I make traffic go to the best parent? (I assume I
  can't use squid as an IBGP peer, even if that would be cool;)

- Does squid load balance the spool dirs automatically? I am just asking
  for confirmation ;-)

    Lars Marowsky-Brée

Lars Marowsky-Brée
Network Management Netzdienste GmbH - DPN Verbund-Partner
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