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From: Matt Buford <matt@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 23:43:08 -0500

Perhaps I'm just confused. I've configured an ICP parent with the following

cache_peer netcache.insync.net parent 80 3130

Yet in my logs it seems that anytime there is a pause in activity of a few
seconds, the first URL received is fetched directly, and the parent is only
used for URLs that follow quickly before there is another pause.

907993725.294 1540 TCP_MISS/200 10084 GET
http://www.winfiles.com/ - FIRST_PARENT_MISS/netcache.insync.net text/html
907993725.514 617 TCP_REFRESH_HIT/200 16688 GET
http://www.winfiles.com/gifs/imaps/none_index.gif -
PARENT_HIT/netcache.insync.net image/gif
907993725.718 1047 TCP_REFRESH_MISS/200 2074 GET
http://www.winfiles.com/gifs/backgrounds/cloudtile.jpg -
DIRECT/www.winfiles.com image/jpeg
907993726.073 766 TCP_REFRESH_MISS/200 2074 GET
http://www.winfiles.com/gifs/logos/winlogo.gif - DIRECT/www.winfiles.com
907993727.215 2525 TCP_MISS/200 8689 GET
http://www.winfiles.com/gifs/ads/in_common_ad.gif -
PARENT_HIT/netcache.insync.net image/gif
907993727.599 1877 TCP_REFRESH_HIT/200 2224 GET
http://www.winfiles.com/gifs/ads/buttonads/icbg.gif -
PARENT_HIT/netcache.insync.net image/gif


907993897.026 1632 TCP_MISS/200 10800 GET
http://www.vservers.com/ - DIRECT/www.vservers.com text/html
907993897.913 1724 TCP_MISS/200 2500 GET
http://www.vservers.com/gifs/navs/wnewa.jpg -
FIRST_PARENT_MISS/netcache.insync.net image/jpeg
907993898.290 2101 TCP_MISS/200 4940 GET
http://www.vservers.com/gifs/tbarleft.jpg -
FIRST_PARENT_MISS/netcache.insync.net image/jpeg
907993898.990 1072 TCP_MISS/200 2144 GET
http://www.vservers.com/gifs/navs/domgo1.jpg -
FIRST_PARENT_MISS/netcache.insync.net image/jpeg


So would this probably be a bug, a misconfiguration on my part, or a
"feature" so that the initial page can be loaded without waiting for ICP?
In my experiments, this is not specificic to .html URLs. If I go to a
directory index page with 100 small .txt files, if I go to each file very
quickly with only a second or two between them, they are all fetched through
the parent. If I pause halway through, for maybe 10 seconds, the next one
will be fetched direct.

On a completely unrelated note, I am seeing client side persistant
connections just fine, however 100% of my server side persistant connections
are only doing 1 request per connection (according to cachemgr.cgi stats).
Am I missing some config option here too?
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