Re: File Descriptor patch for Linux 2.0.34

From: Doug Nazar <>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 00:55:36 -0600

On Sun, 11 Oct 1998 12:50:11 +0800, Walter Klomp wrote:

>However after I upgraded my RH5.1 to 2.1.125 now my transparent proxy
>doesn't work anymore. No matter what I try to enable in the kernel, ipfwadm
>doesn't work anymore. Says this:
># ipfwadm -I -a accept -W lo
>ipfwadm: setsockopt failed: Protocol not available
>Anybody any idea what I forgot to do ?

  In the later 2.1.x the ipfwadm subsystem was replaced with ipchains.
Read Documentation/Changes for more info. You will need the ipchains
program which you can get from

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