Re: Load Balancing over several interfaces

From: Stephen Baxter <>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 09:37:53 +0930 (CST)

> > how difficult is it to get squid to change it's outgoing address
> > say, five times in a minute?
> Not hard if you aren't afraid of programming in C, but my point is that
> it can just as easily be done outside Squid.
> Hmm.. some caution needs to be taken for FTP gatewaying. FTP
> datachannels should always use the same source IP as the control
> channel. This applies whichever way you do it.

Good point - we could always just use the highest prefered address for ftp
and apply the 'round robbin' system just to http.

I think in this case though a better way to do it would be to perhaps get
squid to set an internal counter for each outbound DIRECT request, when it
does greater than (for example) 1000 connections it re-examines the file


to retreive the list tcp_outgoing_address bindings.

This seems a bit ugly and is only one way that you could implement the
'load balancing' that was the subject of the original question.

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