When do I Upgrade

From: Shakira Kelly <shakira@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 16:50:22 +0100


At present I use squid 1.1.20 on a Pentium 200Mhz 128MB RAM 9GB disk platform
is RH 5.1

Monitoring squid logs using cache-stats I can see that at present the server
processes about 350000 requests per day peaking during the day.

Is there any s/ware (benchmark or load analysis) available that can indicate
to me at what point I should upgrade this server. ie that the server
experiences such load at certain time that service degradation is experienced.

I plan implementing an "n" server cluster and need to estimate given traffic
volume predictions how many servers are required to give me max performance
without degradation.


Shakira Kelly

Systems Admin
Esat Net
Received on Mon Oct 12 1998 - 08:51:43 MDT

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