Re: can't download ftp .gz files

From: Francesc Guasch <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 20:01:11 +0100

Duane Wessels wrote:
> Francesc Guasch writes:
> >Hi, I got squid-2.0.RELEASE , and my client is
> >Netscape-4.06 for win95
> >When I try to download an ftp file that's a .tar.gz
> >the file is uncompressed and showed in the screen.
> >
> >If I try to do a save as the command tar xzvf doesn't
> >work, and it tells me it's not gzipped.
> >
> >When I turn off squid it works.
> >I searched the archives and the FAQ and found nothing.
> >I apologize if I have missed something obvious.
> The file etc/mime.conf determines what content-type is sent
> for ftp requests. Maybe yours needs to be updated or edited?
> It has changed a bit over the last few months.

Hey, I just changed it and added a line .tar.gz$ duplicating
the .tgz
I think it worked when I put it before .gz

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