Purge acl doesn't work

From: Alexandre Almeida Wanderley <aaw@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:25:43 -0300

        Hi, all
        Maybe it's a dumb question, but...
        I'm following a FAQ to creat an acl list in order to allow localhost
to purge objects from our cache (running squid 1.1.22). But even thought I tryed
many times, see the answer that I recieve from "client" program every time I
run a test:

HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Cache Access Denied</TITLE></HEAD>
<H2>Access Denied</H2>
Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request:
<PRE> http://www.sun.com/</PRE>
from this cache. Please check with the
<A HREF="mailto:aaw@fapeal.br">cache administrator</A>
if you believe this is incorrect.
Generated by squid/1.1.22@xx.xx.xx

        Here you are the acl definitions:
        {other acl definitions here...}
        acl all src
        acl erase method purge
        acl localhost src
        {other http_access definitions here...}
        http_access allow erase localhost
        http_access deny all
        http_access deny erase all

        Please, any idea? What am I doing wrong...?
        Thanks the attention...
        Alexandre Almeida
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