Re: Header rewriting for Squid 2.0?

From: Allen Smith <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:30:45 -0400

On Oct 4, 2:33pm, Alex Rousskov (possibly) wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Oct 1998, Allen Smith wrote:
> > Hi. What's the feasibility of adapting the header rewriting code for
> > Squid 1.1.x to Squid 2.0? It would be desirable to have this prior to
> > the httpProcessReplyHeader call(s), so that it could change whether or
> > not stuff was considered to be cacheable (such as via removing
> > selected cookies).
> AFAIK, cookies are no longer a problem in Squid 2.0. Objects with cookies
> do get cached. Cookies are stripped out on HITs. If I recall right, this
> behavior is even compliant with HTTP.

Hmm... this could cause problems in some circumstances; possibly a
configuration option could introduce a switch for whether or not
cookies were considered to make an object uncacheable? I'd also like
to specifically eliminate cookies from some commercial sites (e.g.,
doubleclick), ones for non-text pages, and ones not specific to the
host from which the cookie came; this is to reduce spam directed at
our users.


Allen Smith
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