Re: Purge acl doesn't work (question modified)

From: Alexandre Almeida Wanderley <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 18:03:55 -0300

        Before of all, sorry, my problem should be described as: "client program
isn't allowed to used the squid server"...

> your ip should be then you can use squid
> you are denying all other ip address else than localhost

        But this is all I want. For while I just want local host being allowed
to purge objects, and I'm running tests from localhost...

> and I guess when you are connecting to squid your machine
> uses its ip may examine log files to find out
> what is exactly happening...

        I changed the acl and put directly the IP of my machine instead of
"localhost", but client program was also denyed (whatever the way I used it)...
        Note: I put the machine's browser (localhost) where squid server is
running to use the cache and there was no problem...

        Alexandre Almeida
Received on Thu Oct 15 1998 - 15:11:20 MDT

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