Suggestion - cache_peer and proxy-only

From: Mark Reynolds <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 09:19:47

In a situation where many squid's are neighbouring with
each other, there would probably be many objects stored
multiple times on multiple caches.

(Unless they were all turned on at the same time, with empty
caches, and all with proxy-only options set for all other peers.)

If all caches had high bandwidth links to each other (like at
a peering point, or Internet Exchange point), then this doesn't
seem to be ideal.

Popular objects will never be purged, and remain stored on
multiple caches. If objects were stored once (or maybe even twice)
only, across all caches, then you would end up with a larger
overall cache, which benefits all those in the mesh.

Is an expiration or purging policy which looks for common
objects across all peers a good or bad idea?

Of course, you wouldn't want all common objects purged at the
same time. Nor would you want it running as a high priority task.
Maybe, purge objects from your local cache if more
than 2 copies exist on your current cache_peers ?

Just an idea. Any thoughts on the effectiveness would be welcome.

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