RE: -k reconfig option broken in 2.0.PATCH2?

From: Jamie Bekkers <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 21:12:13 +0800


I have found the same problem, squid must be killed and restarted.


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Subject: -k reconfig option broken in 2.0.PATCH2?

Hi all!

Playing around with acls an reconfiguring squid (".../squid -k
reconfig") to get URLs cached wich squid refused to cache I got so
frustrated that I completly killed squid and restarted it.
-> Et voilá: It suddenly works (with same URLs)!

I have some other evidences that squid 2.0PATCH2 gets confused after a
few reconfigurations (or maybe even after being up some time) and
doesn't follow the rules in squid.conf to decide wich urls to cache/not
cache or fetch directly/via parents.

If someone is interested in it, I may try to reproduce my (squid's)
problems and send squid.conf, some parts of the logs and headers of the http

Anybody else having similar experiences?


PS: If it matters, our/my squids run on NetBSD1.3.2 and 1.3H (current),
    both i386 (we/I can't afford *real* machines :-| )

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