Re: Squid 2.0 PATCH2 no-query peers and HUP.

From: Niall Doherty <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 14:32:24 +0100

Hi John,

> I've set my caches to peer with each other no-query, since they all have
> cache-digests enabled, and yet they still were sending ICP to each other
> (I would have thought that this was unncessesary?).

The default is to send ICP queries. If you want HTCP you specify "htcp"
as an option and the port number (probably 4827 instead of 3130).
Maybe the default should be to have no "querying" method unless explicitly
specified, but this would mean changing the syntax of the config file quite
a bit I think.

> Anyway I made this change and HUPed them in fairly quick succession, and
> managed to get the following error appearing in the cache_log:
> 1998/10/20 12:55:13| internalStart: unknown request:
> GET /squid-internal-periodic/store_digest HTTP/1.0
> So far it appears that only one cache is getting CACHE_DIGEST_HITs from
> one of the others. I guess because the other initial cache_digest
> requests all failed in this manner.

This is most likely a sibling asking you for your cache digest, which
you haven't got built internally yet. It'll get built sooner or later
(look at the Event Queue in the cache manager to see when it's due next)
and then those messages will disappear.


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