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Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 03:56:31 +0000 ( )

> Squid shouldn't honour thier HTTP request if you've set it up correctly
> (they'll be able to telnet to the port, but they get access denied) : this
> is represented in the ACLs:
> acl all
> acl Access_Granted x.x.x.x/ xx.xx.xx.xx/
> http_access deny all !Access_Granted

        Ok i tried the proxy checker of the squid website, and it said
access denied, is this a new feature in squid 2.0? Because with 1.21 when
you set the acls up it didnt allow access to 8080, but i see what you are
saying by it allowing telnet access, it just wont work with their web
browser, this correct?


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