Re: Transparent proxy/cache over AIX

From: Alexandre Almeida Wanderley <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 14:57:08 -0300

        Hi, Henrik

> For Squid it does not matter much if you run a transparent proxy or not.
> What you need to check is that IP-Filter is properly supported on that
> platform, as it is a requirement to run Squid as a transparent proxy
> (it's IP-Filter that does the transparency part of it).

        Good... Now, my new step will be discover how can I do if-filter run
smoothly over AIX.
> I have seen some reports that people had problem building squid on AIX.
> If I am not mistaken the "fix" was to use cc (in ANSI-C mode) and not
> gcc on this platform.
> I guess this is true (use cc and not gcc) on close to all platforms if
> you try to enable async-io. gcc does not know much about how to build
> threaded programs on various platforms.

        Well, we're thinking about build a transparent proxy; but we already
have squid-1.1.22 running with no problems over our AIX machine (compiled using
gcc). Yes, it isn't yet a heavy loaded cache, but until now everything is
        Again, thanks alot your attention... I'll remember your advice on do not
use gcc when we start to think about async-io.

        Best regards,
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