Re: FTP-applications (or a good FTP-proxy)?

From: Mario Camou <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 17:26:06 -0500

WHUPS! You're completely right!

I installed the TIS FTP proxy...and then forgot about it...

Sorry about that!

Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> Mario Camou wrote:
> > Precisely, the Linux kernel *HAS* a Proxy.:
> No it don't. There is FTP proxies available for Linux, but the kernel
> level masquerading is NOT a proxy by definition. Visibly it does the
> same thing as a transparent proxy, but in a completely different way.
> A proxy completes the clients connection at the proxy server, and opens
> a separate connection to the origin server. IP masquerading rewrites the
> clients packets to look like originating from the IP masquerading host
> but the connection is still end to end between the client and the origin
> server.
> > # insmod ip_masq_ftp
> >
> > Then on your client:
> >
> > % ftp firewall
> > Name (firewall:user) :
> This is not ip_masq_ftp. You have some kind of FTP proxy installed as
> well if this works.
> ip_masq_ftp is a masquerading module, and as such it is only active when
> the Linux kernel forwards packets between two interfaces. Here you have
> contacted a service (proxy) running on the Linux server, most likely
> started from inetd.conf.
> The role of the ip_masq_ftp module is to rewrite PORT commands in
> masqueraded FTP connections, not proxying. Without ip_masq_ftp loaded
> you have to use passive FTP (PASV) on masqueraded FTP connections.
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