Re: A selection of SSL bugs...

From: Stefan Rompf <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 19:20:20 +0200

At 10:38 22.10.98 +0100, Richard Stagg wrote:

>If I try browsing to, Squid does a
>CONNECT which is clearly duff. ("" is
>the local_domain as defined in squid.conf; "98" is the first two digits of
>the password!) This looks like a parsing problem to me. I don't believe
>it's a client problem as the erroneous string is made up of bits from the

My Guess: Netscrap misinterprets the URL and tries to connect to c123456,
Port 98 (telling squid to CONNECT c123456:98 HTTP/1.0). Squid appends the
local domain and that's what you see in the log file. Unfortunately, I
don't have access to a proxy right now to verify it.

cu.. Stefan

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