Re: Squid 2.0 PATCH 2 - Falsely reporting no space on device.

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 03:12:22 +0200

John Sloan wrote:

> Solaris 2.6. /var/adm/messages is full of:
> Oct 22 17:00:12 mist unix: NOTICE: alloc: /squid/cache: file system full

A quite obvious sign, isn't it.. Not much Squid can do if the OS says
that the filesystem is full other than repeating the fact.

> Nothing else. No obvious hardware fault here.

No. This is not a hardware fault. It's more in the range of a OS bug /

> The metadisk was only 75% full at the time, so being out of fully free
> blocks seems unlikely.

Not that unlikely. A default Solaris filesystem with lots of activity of
small files can't be filled very much due to fragmentation even if df
says there is lot's of space available (only block fragments available
== no free blocks, but df reports free fragments as free space..).

If you are using Solaris then you should shange the block allocation to
preserve space instead of time. See tunefs and fs_ufs man pages.

[stop squid]
umount /squid/cache
tunefs -m 0 -o space /squid/cache
mount /cache1
[start squid again]

Henrik Nordström
Spare time Squid hacker
Received on Fri Oct 23 1998 - 20:39:05 MDT

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