Re: Squid's Error Msgs

From: David J N Begley <>
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 17:45:04 +1100 (EST)

On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Peter C. Norton wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 25, 1998 at 03:04:02PM +1100, David J N Begley wrote:
> > > Not without violating GPL I guess.
> >
> > Just curious - but how would removing Squid's name and version number from
> > error templates violate the GPL? It's not like you're modifying source,
> > removing the copyright notice and distributing only binaries...
> It wouldn't. It could be considered unfriendly, though.

Well, that's neither here nor there - if it's not against the GPL, then why
should people be stopped from changing the *whole* error template, including
the Squid name/version number? If the original authors don't want it to
happen then it should be prohibited upfront. (Playing devil's advocate here.)

In any case, I've already said that it makes logical sense for the
name/version to be in there somewhere anyway - it'd be nice if Squid didn't
force the location/style of it, though (maybe replace some tokens in the
error page? I dunno .. have to go look at the 2.x package again).


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