"no_cache" but it's still fetching from parent !

From: Joerg Klaas <joergklaas@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 09:23:21 +0100

Hi folks,
I tried to do the following:
1. Don't cache any pages from wwwservers on my local subnet. (of course
not, since this doesn't make sense at all).
2. When looking for www-pages not on my local subnet, ask the parent

So I put the following statements into squid.conf:
    acl NOLOCALS dst
    no_cache deny NOLOCALS
I also have one parent for this server configured as follows:
    cache_peer proxy.domain.de parent 8080 3130 no-query default

BUT, what happens is:

1. My proxy asks his parent to get external pages. ----- that's fine
2. my proxy doesn't cache local www-pages ----- that's fine too
3. my proxy DOES ask the parent for pages on my local subnet !!! -----
that's bad !!!!
    (he should fetch the pages directly, instead of first asking another

Any comments, idea's ?

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