Re: Incomplete downloads

From: Irfan Akber <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 15:25:26 -0000

I tried the site with Squid2.1-PATCH2 and it works fine.

Irfan Akber

> From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
> To: Stuart Young <>
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> Subject: Re: Incomplete downloads
> Date: Wednesday, January 06, 1999 2:36 AM
> Stuart Young wrote:
> > I know a site I regularly get failed requests from (thought I am not
> > if it's squid 2.1patch2 or just the site) is
> > the source to 1.3.3.. I think it's an ftp link).
> Due to lack of time I won't be able to spend more time on tracking this
> down unless someone comes up with a debug trace of a request that really
> fails, and only if they at the same time can prove that the fault is in
> Squid and not the browser used. I really need more information than "I
> think I usually have problem with that site" to be able to move forward
> with this question.
> Why this browser issue: Windows versions of Navigator (and Communicator)
> is KNOWN to recode objects during download in certain situations.
> * In some installations the file is always uncompressed after download
> if it is compressed with UNIX compress or gzip.
> * If Squid claims that the file is text/plain (which it does by default
> on unknown filetypes, on popular request), then some installations
> insist on translating linefeeds.
> This is a browser issue and not really Squids fault. It can happen on
> any HTTP download (proxied FTP requests counts as HTTP) where the server
> provides information on how the file is encoded.
> One way to mimimise the question if the error is in Squid or the browser
> is to click on the download link (a small box at the right in Squids
> directory listings) instead of the filename. Squid then marks the object
> as a binary object of unknown type instead of what's said in mime.conf.
> The reason why this download link is there is simply to get around
> browsers that like to fiddle around with file contents when it thinks it
> knows what the file type is and how to present/decode that filetype. If
> that icon is not available on the filetype you have problems with then
> configure mime.conf to include it (and if you never see any icons on the
> right, then you have a mime.conf from 1.2beta. see mime.conf.default for
> the "current" version).
> mime.conf can be configured to avoid most of this. The most extreme
> mime.conf config is only a default line saying application/binary, which
> forces the browser to save every download to disk, as it is.
> ---
> Henrik Nordstrom
> Spare time Squid hacker
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