Re: cache_effective_user

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 13:20:50 +0200


> At boot time I want to start /etc/rc3.d/S40squid (on a Solaris 7
> machine). I gives me a message:
> Don't run Squid as root, set 'cache_effective_user'!
> But that's what I've defined in squid.conf:
> $grep cache_effective_user squid.conf
> # TAG: cache_effective_user
> #cache_effective_user nobody
> cache_effective_user squid

The message could occur too when cache_effective_group is set incorrectly -
make sure that that is set too, otherwise you could get this message.

I suppose the message should be changed.


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