RE: ASP and cacheing

From: Alan J. Flavell <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 12:12:43 +0000 (GMT)

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Nottingham, Mark (Australia) wrote:

> grrrr... hate people who think the answer is to make everything
> uncachable...

Well, quite. That was my point.


OK, I'm now looking at

(which is where your pobox redirection took me. I'll make any
external links refer to your pobox page, though.)

Thanks, this is very useful in answering my specific question about

May I make a comment about your Apache recipes?

For the average page author (one who was allowed to set the
appropriate Options via their .htaccess file, but would not have the
luxury of rebuilding Apache), it might be worth noting that SSI pages
can be made cacheable by using XBitHack full, with the appropriate
x-bit settings. This doesn't specifically control the expiry date or
cache-control headers, but Apache won't be generating anything that's
actively harmful to cacheing in that respect; the proxy will apply its
usual rules based on the last-modified header that's then generated
based on the source file. AFAIK this _does_ work in practice with
squid (whereas the "conventional" way of enabling SSI will result in
the documents appearing to be uncacheable).

I suggest this might be useful as a separate recipe aimed at page
authors? The recipes as they stand are perfectly fine for the server
admins that they're presumably aimed at, but look to me as if they
would seem too daunting to the ordinary page author.

I've taken the liberty of copying this to the squid list; we can
take it offline if further detailed discussion is called for, and
report any useful conclusions back to the list, is that OK?

all the best
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