Problems with delay pools & Sugestions !!!

From: Pedro Ribeiro <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 12:56:15 -0000

I'm having problems with the delay pools of squid 2.1patch2, only the 1st
class seems to work, that can also be seen in the cache manager, for the 2nd
and 3rd pools, the "Current:" item of the pool never has number ...

About this subject a also liked to give an idea about a simple system to
limit the abuse of some users from the cache.

It should be simple (for people that knows squid code) to make some access
lists like the ones used for delay pools to limit the number of simulteneous
get's from the same acl.


acl abusing-users src
limit_simulteneous_gets_access allow abusing-users
limit_simulteneous_gets_access deny all
limit_simulteneous_gets_aggregate_restore 50 # 5 gets per second for all
of the acl
limit_simulteneous_gets_aggregate_max 200 # 200 gets in a burst for
all of the acl
limit_simulteneous_gets_individual_restore 5 # 5 gets per second per user
limit_simulteneous_gets_individual_max 20 # 20 gets in a burst per

Best regards.

  Pedro Ribeiro
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