Re: What switches to use?

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 17:14:53 +0000

Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> wrote:
> > My simple question is this; when I compile squid, what switches should
> > I use?
> The most interesting ones are:
> --enable-snmp Enable SNMP monitoring
> --enable-cache-digests Use Cache Digests
> see
> Most of the other switches are experimental or special purpose.

I also use --enable-async-io --enable-icmp --enable-cachemgr-hostname=x and
I would hope the former two aren't experimental (ICMP has been in a long
time, and I thought async I/O was meant to be one of the big features of
squid 2).

In fact, why isn't --enable-icmp on by default, and just controlled from
squid.conf instead?

And why isn't async I/O enabled by default for all supported platforms
(resulting from an autoconf test)?


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