Re: getting Squid logfiles into a database

From: Matija Grabnar <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 18:26:59 +0100 said:
> This script can be as simple as running "tail -f", or a more advanced
> one like the perl script attached.

For applications like that, I think you will find File::Tail module usefull:
it transparently handles rotates, cat /dev/null >logfile and other log
truncations, and it adjusts the length of time spent sleeping to the speed
with which data arrives into the file.

The latest version (0.89, not released yet) also makes it possible to
do a "select" of several File::Tail files, so you can read more than one
as if they were pipes.

You can get File::Tail on CPAN.

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