Re: cache_peer_? setting for internal peer

From: Andrew S. Howell <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 17:02:08 +0900

>>>>> "Henrik" == Henrik Nordstrom <> writes:

    Henrik> Andrew S. Howell wrote:

    Henrik> acl all_dst dst http_access deny !all_dst

    Henrik> should do the trick for most hosts, but there will still
    Henrik> be some rare race conditions when hosts expires from
    Henrik> squids internal IP cache during processing of a request to
    Henrik> that host.

That did the trick. Thanks!

>> Does non-hierarchial mean to a SIBLING cache?

    Henrik> No, it means those requests Squid normally would try to go
    Henrik> direct on because there is no (or little) point in
    Henrik> traversing a hierarchy of caches for these request. Such
    Henrik> requests include: * PUT/POST requests * Pragma: no-cache
    Henrik> requests (reload). and some other.

    Henrik> Didn't I write a description of what's non-hirarchical in
    Henrik> the same message?

Yes you did, I was just having ( still having :) ) trouble getting all
the terminology straight. Sorry.

>> minor patch to debugArg in debug.c to allow you to give a list
>> of debug sections and levels. ALL is just too much
>> information. One level

    Henrik> This is already possible.
    Henrik> debug_options ALL,1 44,3 28,3

You are right, it does work. In my eagerness to contribute something,
I looked at the debugArg function, could see that it would only hand
one pair of settings, started making changes. :( Now that I looked at
how its called more closely, I understand that debugArg will get
called for each 'section,level' pair. Arrrggg :)

Thanks again,

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