Re: Opening port 1492

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 23:12:07 +0100

John Hart wrote:
> Does anyone know how I would open up port 1492 for Citrix
> Winframe usage through Squid?

You need a separate product for such applications. Squid is only a WWW
proxy server, not a firewall.

If this is a TCP port (not UDP) then may it be possible to use a plain
TCP plug to relay the data. See plug-gw from TIS Firewall Toolkit or a
similar product (try searching squid-users archives. other TCP plug
softwares have been mentioned).

Henrik Nordstrom
Spare time Squid hacker
Received on Thu Jan 14 1999 - 15:21:55 MST

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