Pre-filling a SQUID Cache?

From: Alessandro Bottoni <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 14:33:28 +0100

We are evaluating the possibility to supply our customers with a mirror
image of our web site, containing HTML documentation and a SQL Knowledge
Base, in order to free them from the need of a large and reliable network

Beside the obvious way to use a scheduled FTP to create this mirror, we are
wondering if it would be possible to (ab)use a Proxy system like SQUID.

That is, we are wondering if it would be possible to:
1) Install SQUID on the customer's LAN server
2) Pre-load the SQUID cache with the content of our file system
3) Let the user access the web trough the proxy

Here, the problem is: how would it be possible to pre-load (initialize) the
proxy's cache with the content of the file system of our web server?
Most likely, it will be necessary some kind of file conversion. Does exist
any conversion tool to perform this task?
As an alternative, is it possible to use a regular Unix or WinNT file system
as a cache?

Many thanks for your attention.

P.S. I searched the mail archive for this question but I did not find any
clue. Maybe it is so trivial that it is not worth a mention...

Alessandro Bottoni
Technical Writer
Cad.Lab SPA
Bologna, Italy
Received on Mon Jan 18 1999 - 06:38:54 MST

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