Re: keepalive/redirect bug in Squid 2.0/PATCH2

From: Dancer <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 11:13:38 +1100

"Nottingham, Mark (Australia)" wrote:
> []
> [...] Clients and servers SHOULD NOT assume that a persistent connection
> is maintained for HTTP versions less than 1.1 unless it is explicitly
> signaled.
> [8.1.4]
> It is especially important that proxies correctly implement the
> properties of the Connection header field as specified in section 14.10.
> The proxy server MUST signal persistent connections separately with its
> clients and the origin servers (or other proxy servers) that it connects
> to. Each persistent connection applies to only one transport link.
> A proxy server MUST NOT establish a HTTP/1.1 persistent connection with
> an HTTP/1.0 client [...]

Unfortunately, (I believe) that most recent versions of Netscape and
MSIE try to do persistant connections even while signalling that they
are HTTP/1.0 clients. Worse, MSIE (if it does not see a Connection
header) _assumes_ that the connection is persistant, and tries to make
subsequent requests. This causes me nearly unlimited grief with MSIE
clients+Network address translation+NAT timeouts+Squid1.1+tcp close
(squid 2's handling of connection headers solves this grief item)

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