Transparent proxy questions from Ignacio Sanchez

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:20:31 +0100

attached mail follows:

hi, my name is Ignacio Sanchez and

i'm isp mexican an i have a new squid server, its currently run like a
proxy , but i need to configure on transparent proxy.

my squid box is running linux RedHat 5.2 on port 3128
i have a 2 cisco 2511 and my bandwith is a VERY WIDE..WIDE 128k. :-)

i search in the mailing lists and found some configurations>

1.- configure the cisco router *i have cisco router* to send all trafic
http to squid machine in port 80,

this ok
2.- configure a kernel , and ipfwdadm , to send all requests in the
squid box > port 80 to port 3128.

i don't know how to configure a kernel and the ip fwdadm.

if i wrong tell me please

thank's fo your help.

Ignacio Sanchez

i work to know , how i work.

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