Re: how to call cachemgr.cgi ?

From: Matija Grabnar <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:24:03 +0100

> Squid users,
> Read the FAQ, but it's still a puzzle for me.
> How do I call `cachemgr.cgi` if my webserver is on another machine than
> Squid ?
> Tried copying the cachemgr.cgi executable into my webserver's cgi-bin
> directory and entered it as a URL:
> Internal Server Error, Premature end of script headers in cachemgr.cgi
> (btw my webserver = Apache).
That might work (it does for me) only if the web server has the same
operating system and type of processor as the machine on which you compiled
cachemgr. The error apache returned is one I would expect to see if the binary
formats of the cache and of the web server were incompatible.

You may have to compile cachemgr on the web server machine.

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