Re: Problem with IE4 and ftp through squid...

From: Paul Borgermans <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 19:23:59 +0100

We had the same problem here a few months ago.....
it is of course a MSIE problem. After installing a specific patch from
MS$ the problem was gone.

Caveat: the patch was not available for download, so we had to call ms support
and give them the references from their own knowledge base Article ID: Q187770

looked it up again.......

Guess what : it is still (a few months old now) not "regression tested" ...and
should be applied to ie 4 + sp1. So all current IE installations cannot use a
javascript *.pac file
for FTP unless the call MS ? To my experience, a reaction of MS minded IT
is to say "now you see, javascript is bull-shit, let's implement the MS
central configuration files" ...... and even better..... "but I still think you
cannot rely
on squid, we should also install a ms proxy server". So far the latter has not
here. :-)

To my experience, a patch takes only hours with squid to appear, with MS quite a


Paul wrote:

> Hi all!
> I have found myself in an BDA-state (=BrainDeadAdmin :-) ), I am
> confused!
> I have squid 2.1-PATCH2 with the memory-leak patch up and running and
> doing well... I have set up a proxy.pac file for automatic config and
> that works well too...
> So what's the problem? Well, the statement above is true if I use
> Netscape to access the proxy. It is also true if I access the proxy
> using IE4 and using http. However, if I use the proxy.pac file and use
> ftp IE4 says something like "overlaping I/O action in progress" (this
> is translated by me from Swedish, the original text is "Överlappande
> I/O-åtgärd pågår" if anyone understands it) and then it takes a dive
> into the bitbucket. The same thing happens if I access the proxy
> directly and do not use the pac-file. Direct access to the same
> ftp-site works fine. If I put a line in the pac-file about accessing
> ftp directly and not through the proxy it all works but I do no want
> that! I have not put anything special in squid.conf regarding ftp.
> Has anyone seen anything like it? Does anyone understand the
> error-message I get? For me it is as cryptic as any error message from
> Microsoft :-). Any ideas how to solve this?
> TIA!
> /Per Berger

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