Re: SNMP : Info on cacheCpuUsage And Redirector Program Considerations

From: Glenn Chisholm <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:20:41 -0700 (MST)

> I am currently monitoring a Squid/2.1.PATCH2 cache with MRTG 2.5.4c. In
> the MIB description, the cacheCpuUsage is defined as the " Amount of
> cpu seconds consumed". The first question is : Does it also include the
> amount of cpu seconds consumed by the eventual redirector processes ?

        Not exactly a great description I know :-) I'll get around to
fixing them one day.

        As for the value, I believe that it is only the current process
usage and does not include the terminated children.

> If not, is there a easy way to monitor it with mrtg ? This is important
> for me because few month ago, i posted a mail in this mailing list to
> ask the best way to filter out a big list of web-sites (more or less
> 10.000 until now but it's increasing every month). Some people reply
> that the list was to big to handle with squid access-list. They were
> saying : use a redirector program. We decided to use Squirm for the two
> announced reasons :Very, very fast, Virtually no memory usage !

        The value you are after is not to my knowledge tracked by Squid.
It is possible to add it if there are no objections and no reasons that it
is not already there, like OS bugs or incompatibility.

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