Re: Performance

From: Scott Bethke <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 09:18:37 -0500

At 12:36 PM 1/29/99 +0100, you wrote:
>- We use Squid on a Sun Sparc 5 Solaris 2.6 machine. We have 2 * 4 GB
>cache-disk and 128 MB memory.

What speed is the 5?? 70? 85? 110? 170?

>- We have a lot of performance problems. Response to an normal page (in
>cache = 180 bytes/s). We have an 2 MB connection to the internet. One
>and a half week ago we had the same problem, cleaning the cache helpt
>(for a week).

Slowaris may be to blame, how fast are your drives? do you run the drives
on a different SCSI controller or just on the built-in controller? Also
ram looks rather small. For Solaris in this application I'd say 256M is
the smallest

>- This is a one task machine, only Squid is running

Have you considered running a faster OS? like NetBSD or OpenBSD?

>- We have a potential 1200 users

On a microsparc II ? We have run about 1/2 a T3 worth of users through a
Sparc20, SM71, NetBSD, 256Megs Ram, dual 9gig's, separate SCSI ctrl's..
that was Squid 1.21 though.. Performance was VERY good.

Good Luck!
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