Re: Multiple Auto-Proxy Download with IE4.01

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 12:21:17 +1100

Federico Giannici wrote:
> Hi!
> Since we officially launched our proxy server (Squid 2.1 Patch2), we
> have noticed a problem with users using Internet Explorer 4.01 Win32
> configured with the Automatic Configuration.
> Many of then (but not everybody) reload the proxy autoconfiguration file
> from the web server almost every time they retrieve a file via the
> proxy. Obviously this slow down the navigation!
> We were not able to reproduce this behaviour with our PCs, even if we
> configured them exactly in the same way of a "buggy" one.
> I suspect it's a bug of a particular version of IE4.01.
> Anybody ever encountered a similar problem?


> Is there a way to fix it?

Not that I am aware of.

This problem only affects dial-up machines. It does not affect Windows
boxen with LAN connections. If you dig back through the mailing list
archives, you will find a relatively extensive discussion of this point.

Our best solution when we became aware of this was to inform the users,
of what the problem was in plain, simple-as-possible english, and point
out that it was slowing them down, and that switching to any other
browser would fix it. More than 80% of them switched. You can make a lot
of mistakes with browser software, but people _really_ take it seriously
if whatever it is slows them down.

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