Slow reponse

From: Gabriel Basco Guimaraens <>
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 20:07:55 +0100

I have two squid 2.2pre2 running on Linux Red-Hat 5.1 PII 350 Mghz machines
as test. They are siblings no parents.

They are inside a firewall with NAT to the outside. There is a DMZ network
where there is a WWW server.

The problem is: If a try to access the server in our DMZ it goes AWEFULY
SLOW. But if I ask an outside web through our 2Mb line things fly. Just
accesing the Web in our DMZ. I have an old Linux with Squid 1.1.19 an it
runs fine against the Web Server?

Any ideas


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