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From: Matthew King <nerd@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 23:41:39 +1000


I asked a question of the list a few days ago about tracking my
users access to the Web for certain reasons which i will not go
back over again.. I was recomended to use sqmgrlog to generate
reports from my access.log files that would show each clients IP
and the sites they had been to and when they had done it
(roughly).. My only complaint (and the source of my question) is
this, when i generate the report (using the -p option) i only get the
network that the clients are on.. And a list of all the sites that the
clients from a particular network have requested. This is not very
usefull because all our IP's at school are on the same network (ie: and i need to be able to track individual IP's..

Is this not a feature of the program? I have looked in access.log
and seen individual IP's, not just network numbers.. Or am i not
using the right command switch?

Any help would be much apriciated..


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