question about squid and HTTP/1.1

From: Kathy Wu <>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 18:02:12 -0400

hi, all!

I have a question about squid when it comes to determine which HTTP
protocol to use.
for the following configuration.

user defined squid
browser A cache B
(only knows -----------------> proxy
HTTP 1.0)
2.1.PATCH2 servers

When my browser is only using HTTP1.0 protocol through path A to the
proxy, squid goes through path B to get to the destination server. Is
possible for Squid to make a HTTP 1.1 request through B, even if browser
makes the request in HTTP 1.0?
Or will squid just make the HTTP 1.0 request because the broswer does
Any input would appreciate it! Thanks.

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