Re: Per user limit?

From: Dancer <>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 08:37:51 +1000

Csaba Kabai wrote:
> Hello squid-users!
> I'm new in this list and first at all please ignore my english mistakes... :-)
> My question is next:
> How can I disable the user, who is reached 50 Mb download limit?
> I use squid 2.2 and proxy_auth. If one of my user reached
> approximately 40-45 Mbyte amount of download, I want to kick it. ( Sorry, we
> have
> a limited account) How can I implement it with squid?
> Thanks for all!
> Csaba Kabai

There are a number of (unsatisfactory) ways of doing this. What _I_
would do (which is not necessarily what you or anyone else would do) is
to write a little program to watch the access log, and account usage as
it happens, and another program to act as a redirector. The redirector
communicates with the first program to query usage for the user, and
when it is exceeded redirects all requests to a rejection URL (which
would not itself be accounted)

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