Re: fd, load balancing

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 17:22:03 +0200


> For now, the problems are: a) they do not perform very well in peak times.
> Because they needed much too much RAM, I limited the cache_dir to only a few
> 100 MB, even if we have over 20 Gigs in each. Still, in the evening they get
> quite slow. Well, they ARE quite loaded for sure...

Did you compile Squid with './configure --enable-async-io'? You
should, if your caches are loaded. Check the FAQ for more info.

> The other question is a little linux 2.2 specific: It's stated that writing
> a higher value in file-max in /proc/sys/kernel or something gives you more
> filehandles. But I can do what I want, I always have 1024. That's enough for
> the moment, but I get I'll get short on them sometimes again... With the
> common patches for 2.0.x I could easily get 4096 file descriptors, if I
> wanted to.

With Alan Cox's patches, 2.2 can have 1024*1024 fds per process

Alan's patches are available from:


Substitute your country-code for the '*' (or replace it with 'us' if
you don't have a local kernel mirror.)

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