From: Jose Pereira Van-Dunem <>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 21:29:06 +0100

Hi Oscar,

Thanks for your reply !

My harwdare & Soft. configuratons are,

Operating System-- Linux
OS release: RedHat 5.0
Squid Version: Squid-2.0/PATCH
Clock Speed: 300 Mhz
SCSI Disk Size: 17 Gb (the partition where squid is installed has 5 Gb)
RAM: 128 Mb
56 DialUp user can simultaneously access squid

cache_mem 48
cache_dir /usr/local/squid/cache 100 16 256

What do you think about this configuration ? What do you suggest me ?


>Squid uses memory as it adds data to the on-disk store. If you have
>too big a store, your squid size will exceed your memory. When this
>happens, your machine will start to swap.

>Whenever Squid locates an object on disk, you will end up swapping
>large amounts of ram... you don't want this.
>to test this theory:
>Ensure that your cache_mem value is set at a small value: let's say
> 1mb.
>Add more ram
>decrease the disk space you have allocated (with the cache_dir) value
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