Test. Ignore. Sorry

From: Oleg Makarenko <oleg@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 16:29:41 +0400


If this message gets to the list then I have found a solution at it
looks strange for me.

My problem is that I am able to post to the list from Windows Netscape
but not from Linux. Both Netscapes are configured
identically. After some investigations I have found that my Linux
Netscape adds
Sender header (that is my account name and it is not the same as From)
to all my messages while Windows Netscape
doesn't use it. May be that conflicts with the list anti-spam policy? I
don't see any other differences between messages originated
from Linux and Windows.

To check the idea I send this test message from Linux Netscape after
configuring my sendmail to strip Sender header.

If you can read this message then that helps and I have found a
But probably somebody could suggest a better solution?

Sorry again,

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