TCP_MISS in access.log

From: Jon-George Hughes <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 11:27:05 +0100

        My Squid system has trouble fetching some records. About 15% of
sites will register a TCP_MISS/000 on the access.log and then fail to fetch
the record. Squid does not report an error back to the browser until the
http timeout kicks in.

        What is a TCP_MISS? Is it when Squid fails to find the page in it's
cache and then goes out on the Internet to fetch the page? I have a lot of
TCP_MISS/200 which result in fetched pages.

        I have looked at other people's cache logs and there does not appear
to be many TCP_MISS/000. There are very few references to TCP_MISS on the
Internet and only a handful of logs with TCP_MISS/000. Can someone please
help as I am really stuck?


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