From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 08:35:24 +0200

At 06:11 PM 4/13/99 -0500, Martin Hoz Salvador -CITI STR wrote:
>Hi Squid users! :)


>When I try to access machine2 via the tunnel located on machine1
>(using an URL like https://machine1:8020) works Ok if I'm not using
>the SQUID proxy. If I try to use the SQUID cache then, the browser
>shows me the next error:
>"Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request machine1:8020
>>From this cache. Please check with the cache administrator
>if you believe this is incorrect."
>The log shows me:
> - - [13/Apr/1999:15:42:15 -0700] "CONNECT machine1:8020"

Squid - per default - has a limited set of ports it allows for https. 443 and
563. All other ports are denied.

Now it is true that servers in the field use different ports (I can't see the
reason but who am I?) So find the entry SSL_ports in squid.conf and add your
port or change the config so that all ports are allowed.


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