1.1.22 -> 2.X migration path && Solaris performance

From: T. Esting <t_esting@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 05:02:56 PDT

This was accidentally posted last night without a subject - I apologize.

  Dear Squid community -

  On an Ultra5/267MHz/256MB machine, we have been able to wheeze by
serving several thousand users (20-40K requests / hr) using squid 1.1.22.
However, we spend the majority of our time in disk wait mode. I recently
upgraded to 2.1PATCH2 and asynchronous I/O seemed to take care of that
bottleneck rather nicely. However, while the change improved I/O, it seemed
dramatically affect CPU usage: our run queue sizes went from
1 < q < 2 to 2 < q < 10
(tragic for a single-CPU machine). %runocc suffered similarly, and the
system overall became less usable than the version 1 system. Have others
experienced the same issue? Are there workarounds in later versions of
squid 2.x? Are there tuning parameters (4 dnsservers were kept constantly
busy by our user load, as well as 8 redirectors) that ought to be considered
and/or reconsidered?



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