Re: DELAY POOLS: Cite, MIME, Dev., Doc, and OpenBSD

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 00:53:02 +0800

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Hui Tsang wrote:

Citing Squid2:
1. I need to refer to Squid (that supports Delay Pools) in a document.

        i. Which is the least version of Squid that officially supports it?
           I believe Squid 2.1. Please correct me if I am wrong.

        ii.What is the official URL for the above version?
           I believe (
1. i. The earliest version officially supporting it was Squid 2.0 but it containted a
      significant typo. Unofficial support was via my DELAY_HACK patches for 1.1.x.
      I believe the best support is in Squid 2.1 PATCH 2 + my 9th patch (squid-diff-9)
      or the soon to be released Squid 2.2 (note that DEVEL4 has some minor bugs which
      will be sorted out in the release).

   ii. You are correct that is the official site.

Bandwidth Limits by MIME types:
2. Is bandwidth limiting by mime type supported in Squid2.1?

        I am referring to Stefan's patch for Squid1.1?


        "This patch from Stefan Rompf allows bandwidth limiting on mime type. On
        the first look, this contradicts the use of the cache, but allows
        to prevent people from listening to realaudio, loading large jpegs
        etc. without disturbing normal work."

Using either my squid-diff-9.gz or the Squid 2.2 when released you can configure an
arbitrary number of 'class 1' delay pools based on URL regular expressions, for example.
(or any other ACL). This means you can achieve the same thing.

Delay Pool Development:
3. Are "Delay Pools" being worked on?
        i. Has it been frozen at that level available in Squid 2.1-PATCH1?
        ii.Is there any plans for future (or TODO) work regarding
                Delay Pools?

3. Yes delay pools are worked on (principally by me, with Duane giving guidance and
   fixes as well, and major sites who use the code providing feedback).

   i. No, squid-2.2 will contain the functoinality of Squid-2.1-PATCH1 plus the delay
      pools features from my squid-diff-9 (search the archives for details of what
      that patch does, it affects other things too)

   ii. Yes there are things I hope to get accepted in Squid-2.3. There are two current
       "issues" relating to delay pools. One is the scanning of file descriptors, it
       is possible a number of file descriptors in one pool are clumped together and
       on a typical scan of select the lowest numbered one in the clump will usually
       grab most of the traffic. The other issue is the question of what is best to
       do on a reconfigure, at present all outstanding requests are given a 'no delay'
       to finish off the request. To do anything else would be extremely complex.

Delay Pool Documentation:
4. i. Would the developers be interested a documented
             version of delay_pools.c?
             I am planning to document it (it helps me understand the code).
        ii. Does anyone have a documented version of it? It would save me
             the trouble of documenting it to "squid-developer" quality level.

        iii.Apart from the documents on Delay Pools at,
            is there a tutorial on configuring Delay Pools?

4. i. I find documented code harder to read. You need a bigger screen and
      comments get in the way of reading the code flow. I prefer compact
      code and comments only where something evil is happening (and I've
      tried to comment everything I consider evil). I don't know if others
      have problems understanding the delay_pools.c.

   ii. Well, I don't have a documented copy.

   iii. The version in squid-diff-9.gz and Squid-2.2 is documented far better
         than the version in Squid-2.1 in the config file. I even included
         examples :-)

Squid2 on OpenBSD:
5. I current operate Squid 1.1 (an OpenBSD port of that version of Squid)
        Is anybody on this list running Squid 2 on OpenBSD?


I'd be very surprised if there isn't anyone running Squid 2 on OpenBSD. There
are bound to be heaps of people doing it.

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