Re: Does squid eat much of CPU?

From: David J Woolley <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 13:29:45 +0100

> > quite that simple - it might allow a few at once.) Browsers may also
> > serialsize requests to Lynx.
                           ^^^^ meant squid.
> Squid uses as many connections to the origin server as the browser has
> active connections to Squid, a little more on pipelined requests (up to

This contradicts the recent statement that the use of persistent
connection for client and server sides is independent, although it
did seem to me that it must do multiple connections to the server.
(The HTTP 1.1 guideline is no more than twice the number of users,
presumably meaning browsers, not browser connections, in the ideal

> twice as many). There is no serialization of requests other than what is
> done by the browser.

As I remember it, the guideline for browsers is to use no more than
two connections when persistent connections are available (presumably
one for the HTML and one for the images and other objects), but they
are likely to start a connection per image, otherwise. (See section
8.1.4 of the HTTP 1.1 specification.) The result of this will tend
to be that only one image is rendered at a time, which may make the
page subjectively slower.

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