squid 2.2 STABLE1 and TCP_MISS rate

From: Greg Tillman <GTILLMAN@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 16:42:35 -0400

>Hi -
>I just deleted my old squid system and installed 2.2. Clients can connect
>fine, but I see an awful lot of TCP_MISSes (98% or more). Running some
>quick checks didn't make anything clearer to me. For example, while
>pointing at the proxy, I load www.yahoo.com, and get a MISS. I reload, and
>get a MISS again. I go to the machine next to me and load that page, and
>get a MISS. I try again and get a MEM_HIT, but the next few are misses.
>Grepping thru the cache directory, there are references to 'www.yahoo.com',
>so I think it's actually cached, although I admit I don't really know that.
> My cache_dir out to have over 2 GB available (on an empty 9 GB disk) so
>there's plenty of space available.
>Is there something in the 2.2 config file I should change? Or shouldn't
>change?? Is there something about 2.2? Thanks for any help.
>- greg tillman
>university of maine at farmington
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